Collins Creek Farm

From our Family Farm to Your Family Table

Meet the ladies...and Farley too of course! What's a farm without the iconic crow of a rooster? We have a flock of over 50 hens that roam around all day and eat bugs, garden scraps and grass. They are happy hens and the proof is in their rich yellow eggs.  We also have whole and quartered meat chickens for sale, depending upon availability. 

Delicious AND Nutritious?

Not only is it more humane to let your chickens roam around and be...well...chickens, but they are foraging for all the things that chickens are supposed to eat. This diet actually makes the eggs more nutritious, higher in all the good stuff and lower in the bad stuff.

Eggs from pastured chickens compared to eggs sold in the supermarket have:

*1/3 less cholesterol

*1/4 less saturated fat

*2/3 more vitamin A

*2 times more omega-3 fatty acids

*3 times more vitamin E

*7 times more beta carotene

*4-6 times as much vitamin D